Hi travel friends!

Hi! I’m Michele and my love of travel has turned me into a professional travel hacker.
In 2022 my family saved over $50K from using points and miles on our travel adventures.

We flew in business class for the first time.
Loved it so much we booked 2 separate trips in business class in 2022 & have 2 more booked for 2023.

We went to crazy expensive cities (London, Zurich, New York City) and used points for nearly free hotel stays.
We spent a week in Kauai over Thanksgiving break and spent 7 nights at the Grand Hyatt for $0.

It probably sounds a little crazy at first that you can really travel like this for nearly free. I get it.
It does take some time to accumulate all these points. But once you start accumulating here & there, it really adds up.

Want to travel with your family like this? Follow me & I’ll teach you how.